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Hindustan Magnesium Products Pvt Ltd. provides end-to-end solutions for parts to be manufactured in magnesium through adopting the most innovative & recent technologies & techniques available in the industry. Some of our in-house processes have been developed through an extensive research and development process involving several years. We have the following processes developed in-house which enables us to cater to customer requirements:

  • Patternless casting processes through selective laser sintering of sand molds.
  • CAD/CAM based development of patterns through a variety of processes including 3D Wax Printing, SLA & SLS processes.
  • Flux Based Magnesium Melting
  • Flux based refining of molten metal.
  • Proprietary Dual Wax based investment casting for internal core type castings.
  • Proprietary Coating for eliminating silica mold reaction with molten magnesium.
  • Proprietary degassing & grain refinement.

By adopting these latest techniques, we reduce the delivery times, enhance quality & achieve consistency among multiple parts.
We cast small batch production in magnesium with extremely high precision & detail.

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