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Defense Technologies

Magnesium is a widely used metal in defense equipments especially in areas where light weight & strength is critical. Magnesium alloy products are used for military applications in a wide range of forms including castings, powders and wrought products. Structural castings have been utilized in equipment where its low density offers a significant advantage.Casting size varies considerably in this sector, from the large sand cast components utilized on armoured vehicles, to the more intricate sand and investment castings present in radar equipment, portable ground equipment and Stingray torpedoes.

Both sand and investment castings in the defence industry have made extensive use of magnesium alloys.

Other military equipment a soldier has to carry on a war zone need to be light weight for various reasons including reducing fatigue, ease of handling etc. Hence, magnesium is increasingly becoming the metal of choice for military equipments. One of the main factors that modern high-tech weapons and equipment of war are using magnesium is the ability to achieve lightweight structures accompanying the advanced manufacturing technology and improved mobility which has increased the amount of carrying bombs and field support system usage and improvement in weapons and soldier’s battlefield survival and combat capability. Magnesium alloy due to a series of advantages of an appeal has become the ideal material for lightweight weapon’s.

Using magnesium alloy and magnesium-based composite material, the main products in the defense sector are:

  • Firearms weapons: Receiver, magazine, rifle butts, body in guns etc.
  • Armored vehicles: tanks, chair frame, the captain mirror, gunner mirror, gear-box, engine filter base, air distributor block, oil pump housing, water pump housing, oil heat exchangers, oil filter housings, cylinder head covers, respirators and other
  • Missiles: Missile hull, the rudder body, instrument cabin, rudder planes, flying wing films and so on.
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