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Space Technologies

Space rockets are one of the first industry sector to realize the benefits of using magnesium in their structures & components. Since every pound of metal carried into space implies tremendous cost, more & more efforts are made to reduce the weight of the structure. Commercialization of satellites with the introduction of new technologies such as mobile phones, GPRS, television etc have increased the demand for magnesium products in the space technologies arena. To reach the rarefied atmosphere of space, the use of lightweight materials is essential due to the massive

energy requirements and extremely high costs of transporting equipment out of the Earth's atmosphere. Apart from being lightweight, one more important factor in material selection in space structures is that it should be highly corrosion resistant also at elevated temperatures. Different kinds of magnesium alloys available today meet the requirements for space structures, hence more and more components in space structures are replaced from aluminium to magnesium.

Hindustan Magnesium Products Pvt Ltd caters to the space industry in India by offering manufacturing facilities for magnesium castings. We also offer castings which are corrosion resistant by using a variety of indigenously developed processes.

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